Ethan Kang Stuns in His Photoshoot

Ethan Kang, the Duke as we call him , is my cute nephew and happens to be my inspiration to children photography.Born to us at the right time, he is a symbol of true love and unity. His birth has been so magically To so many family members.

My first baby shot was with him last Christmas, his first Christmas in 2016,  when all I had was the love for pictures and no experience or training.

And here we are with Ethan at 8Months old learning how to crawl, stand and eventually walk. In Semptember he will be one  so get ready for his First Birthday Party!!!


Sunday Glory!!!

Sunday Glory!!! On  My Space , Our Space is where I do a rich blend of my love for God by sharing our LCI Memory Verse of the Week alongside  my fashion and style in line with what I wear to church and what you can wear to church. Feel free to send me details of your Sunday Glory  ( terms & conditions  apply) , it could be featured on the Blog because it’s my space and your space too.
Our Lighthouse Chapel International Memory Verse of the Week

                                              John 8:12
Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

This Scripture should guide us this week and be put in practice. Jesus is the light and if we believe in him we will follow him. In our everyday life brightness is important, when you return home from work and reach out to open the door to your house the first thing you will touch is the switch to the light in that room or staircase , it is the same way that we have to have The Light (Jesus) in our life , when you wake up in the morning , follow him (sing and pray) , and live according to the teachings in the Bible then you can’t help but to light up your life.

Mediate on this in the course of the week, make a special commitment to read your Bible every and have a quiet time with Jesus and of course you will experience his light of life over you.

I am following his light the reason for the joy and peace.

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Muito Obrigada ~ Merci Beaucoup ~ Thank You

Muenge Nkwanyuo