We had a successful Makeup Party last month at the Isle of Ecstasy Studio and we are looking forward to the third edition on Saturday, March 25th,2017 near Hopital Adluchem Bali which will be piloted by our very own Makeup Artist,  trained by Isle of Ecstasy , Miss Clarisse Nahbila.

Learn, Network , Get discounts on Makeovers & on her favourit Zaron Product (there are no free makeovers). This edition is going to feature EB Kreations Promo with a 25% Discount Off  Tops, Kabas & Accessories.

Some Pictures from the second edition of the Studio Tour (February Edition) . All pictures will be uploaded in another post.

Opening Prayer by Clarise Tekwe of Lighthouse Chapel International Douala.


Warm Welcome by the Organiser of the Makeup Party Muenge Nkwanyuo (Zaron Cosmetics Representative ) to Lelio Achanga.
Model of the Day Caroline Cet Mimi
The Beautiful Lelio Achanga of DAZZLE by Lelio

CEO Sheraiz Delights, Etonde Martin & Dr.Florence IYOK Tarh
Makeup Artist Lelio Achanga with Blogger & Entrepreneur Yefon Mainsah.
Patience Akenji, Irene Musonge & MUA Clarise Nahbila.
PAW Cameroon Ladies
Lombe Ebong & Catherine Ndeley of Cameroon Airlines.
Entrepreneur Ache- Nabang Ashley (looking for Makeup Boxes in Cameroon , this is the lady)
Cameroonian Gospel Artist Barakah Barakah for Jesus
PAW Cameroon Ladies
Left to Right : Beatrice Kepsu – President of PAW Cameroon, Leila Kigha of Kara Consulting , Amy Banda of AB Consulting.
Cameroonians Model Caroline Cet Mimi
Yefon Mainsah of Vokkall
Trainee Makeup Artist Agnes Ngonga
Freelance Makeup Artist Clarise Nahbila
Cameroonian Fashion Designer Ebangha Nkwanyuo of EB KREATIONS
Camer Designers Lillian Menda and Ebangha Nkwanyuo


Zaron Studio Tour in Pictures

The First Edition of the Zaron Studio Tour took place on Sarturday, January 21, 2017 at the Isle of Ecstasy Studio at Rue Douala Manga Bell , Bali in Douala Cameroon.

The aim of this event is to teach women how to handle their own brushes, to create an avenue where women  can learn what is good and bad for their skin, meet the Makeup Artist they adore who will be happily sharing makeup tips  as well as get them to buy quality makeup products  and of course to network and give birth to life changing partnerships between women and the different activities they are involved in. It’s equally going to incorporate other brands and be a fair where women can showcase their talents in whatever they do.

The awesome Miss Sandra Bih Ekukole of BIHYOUTY MAKEOVERS  was our Makeup Pilot assisted by our very own Miss Sarah Muenge Nkwanyuo of Zaron Cosmetics Cameroon, the brains behind the Zaron  Studio Tour.

It was attended by over 50 Ladies from different works of life.

The event in pictures :

An Opening Prayer by Lady Pastor Naana Kwesi of LightHouse Chapel International Church





Our Makeup Pilot ZST -1 : Miss Sandra Ekukole of BIHYOUTY Makeovers.

Cookies, Cupcakes , Pies, Accras & Fruit Juices was served.
Trainees at Isle of Ecstasy Makeup School – January to February Session : Ambai Nadia , Charles Tunde, Mirielle Ngeh & Dibo Elango . Next Intake begins on March 6th, 2017.
True to their motto: Love, Unity & Sisterhood, The Sakerettes were there to support !
Trained at Isle of Ecstasy Makeup School , Miss Clarisse Nahbila , A Freelance Makeup Artist & Aspiring Model
Model & Makeup Artist GK Barbie
Madam Melvis Nji of Esthetica Nail Arts, Bonapriso, Douala & her bosom friend Muenge Nkwanyuo
The Supportive Ngole Yvette and her Lovely Emmaculate Lekunze
Reverend Wissy Kwesi Tsyi and Lady Pastor Naana Kwesi Tsyi of LightHouse Chapel International Douala were there to support their Daughter in Christ… too powerful!
Zaron gifts to be wom by those sho take part in the quizzes on their social media platforms
Hosts & Some Attendees
The Super Supportive Madam Njie Linda Nalova with the Hosts

The event was a very encouraging one and we are looking forward to an even better one next week Saturday, February 25th, 2017. If you missed out on how to be Beauitful by BIHYOUTY, you can’t afford to miss out on getting Dazzled with DAZZLE by LELIO.

Second Edition of the Isle of Ecstasy Studio Tour on the 25th February 2017 from 1pm.

A very big thank you to all those who made it to the Edition of the ZST for that reason you are entitled to a 50% Discount on Makeovers & Photoshoot valid till for one month from today.

Muito Obrigada ~ Merci ~ Thank You

Muenge Nkwanyuo


Every last Saturday of the Month I, Muenge Nkwanyuo will be throwing a makeup party alongside one of Cameroon’s finest Makeup Artist regarding their connection to Zaron, their  availability, and their willingness to share with their fans  so save the date and be part of the party.

The Second Edition of the ZST happens to be the Month of Love  and yes we are excited because our Makeup Pilot will be and is no other person but the Humble Lelio Achanga. One of the Cameroonian Makeup Artist who has supported Zaron Cosmetics Cameroon even without meeting me and has sent tons of Makeup lovers to me to buy their Zaron Mattifying Powders especially.

Apart from her talent and one of the few FX Makeup Artist (special effects makeup) in Cameroon, there is something so special about Lelio … her humility!
You must be wondering what FX means … in the simplest example she can do you a makeover and you look like anyone you want to look like… seriously!

She worked exclusively as the MUA for the upcoming Game Changing TV Series “SAMBA” and has so so many perfect Makeup executed jobs to her name.

Entry is Free … 
Just be in a Lil Black or Red  Dress , Bring A Friend & Some Cash to buy your Zaron Makeup Products.

Zaron gifts to be won.

If you missed out on how to be Beautiful by Bihyouty , you can’t afford to miss out on getting Dazzled with Dazzle by Lelio.

Take Part in the Quizzes on our Social Media platforms  and win amazing gifts 🎁

Muito Obrigada ~ Merci ~ Thank You.

Muenge Nkwanyuo


ZARON in collaboration with BIHYOUTY

The Zaron Studio Tour is an initiative by Muenge Nkwanyuo for Zaron Cosmetics Cameroon , a Monthly Makeup Party (last Saturday of the month) for all ladies to create awareness of the ZARON brand in partnership with different Makeup Artists in Cameroon while getting in touch with the old and new Zaronistas (clients) for better understanding of the different Zaron makeup products , sharing makeup tips , the different modes of application as well networking and games on the Zaron Social Media platforms.

The First Edition of the Zaron Studio Tour took place in Douala on January 21st, 2017 at the Zaron Studio with none other than just the the soft spoken, talented and renown Cameroonian Makeup Artist Sandra Bih Elukole of BIHYOUTY Makeovers. One of the Makeup Artist who has supported Zaron Cosmetics Cameroon from inception, to the town to town tours in 2015 and is still actively involved.

Sandra Ekukole of BIHYOUTY
Miss Ekukole at a 2015 Zaron event in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

The event began with a powerful prayer from Lady Pastor Nana Kwesi of Light House Chapel International , Cameroon . Cupcakes, Pies, Accra Bananas & Cocktails were served.

Miss Ekukole presented the products and proceeded with a demo for better explanation and she explained that Makeup can be liken to a PlayStation Game and advised that ladies should just have fun with it. Zaronistas had different Makeup concerns and she patiently answered them.

Both young and older ladies were present .Also present at the event were Linda Njie , a old and faithful Zaronista , Melvis Nji of Esthetica Nails & Beauty Salon, Ernestine Babila of Horlan Khan Shop, Ebangha Nkwanyuo of EB Kreations , Cameroonian Model and Face of Glo Monat ,GK Barbie , A host of Sakerettes from different generations , Zaronistas & Makeup Enthusiasts.

Her Favourite Zaron Products , the 14 colors of the Zaron Lip Pencil was on sale and is still on sale until the end of January 2017.

Zaron Lip Pencils

The Second Edition is scheduled for February 25th, 2017. Which Cameroonian Makeup Artist will you like to meet? Leave her name in the comment box below. Participate in the games on the social media pages and win amazing Zaron gifts.

Zaron gifts to be won.

Looking forward to meeting you at the next Zaron Studio Tour.

Muito Obrigada ~ Merci – Thank You.