Learn About Autism

April is a month set aside to create awareness about Autism , in that light  I will do a few posts on Autism this month through reading and with the help of my friends through whom I got to know about Autism and on ways to care for children with Autism.

Honestly, I had never gone out of my way to read or learn anything about Autism until last year when my friend Mildred T Sandrino introduced me to Danielle Miyemeck who has an NGO called “L’emotions de l’Autisme” and through this Organisation I was able to read and learn about Autism.Last Year I wore blue to support this course.

Danielle who is a mother to an austistic cutie battling with raising him up appropriately, getting a school for him and lots more so she decide to join other movements to create awareness a and to promote education in african children who are autistic especially in Cameroon.

To commemorate the World Autism Month and Day join Emotions de L’Autisme  this weekend in Douala to learn and support a good cause.This Month wear blue and tag #LIUB #EA_wearblue

Looking forward to having you at the conference (01.04.2017) & the walk (02.04.2017)

All  details on the flyer.


Muito Obrigada – Merci Beaucoup – Thank You.

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