Day Twelve of My Birthday

Day 12
I am just showing off My new look 2017. Got stuck in traffic today so couldn’t film anything for you all but got some good news for youuuuu…

I am giving out a free makeover and so so many discounts on all those who provide the answer to all four questions below 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
Guess the following and win amazing prices from Isle Of Ecstasy @ioephotography .All answer must be posted under this post on my personal  Instagram by 6pm tomorrow, November 13th,2017.State the following answers correctly :
1. The Makeup Artist
2. The Hair Stylist
3. The Stylist & Designer
4. The Location

Have a great week and stay glued to this blog , this week we will showcase beautiful works from talented Cameroonians in Cameroon.

Muito Obrigado

Day Seven of My Birthday

Day 7

It’s the seventh day of  My Birthday “Being Muenge Nkwanyuo

It has been  a full week rocking with EB Kreations , it is when you decide to rock an EB Kreations Ensemble and garnish it with a chieftaincy title and red cap … 😊


EB Kreations

But come to think of it I seem to have some titles ehhh! but the most important of it will be Mbamba I of God’s Inner Chambers. Daughter of a King, Mama Zaron, In My friend Lombe’s voice Church Photographer and Mama Baby Photographer…lol

EB Kreations

Always remember to wear a smile .

Of Course , you can proceed and get your piece at EB Kreations as from 25 000 FCFA … I see the surprise on your face and to respond to that look on your face – yes, the price is real.



My First Birthday Photoshoot

Birthdays come once a year so I can only imagine the feeling that most parents have when they have to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday.

Isle Of Ecstasy has brought something new to parents : capture some ecstatic moments of these kids that will be cherished forever and ever.

Davina Ivory gracefully ushers herself to a new year. Thanks to her Mommy & Daddy for letting us freeze these moments for them.

Happy Birthday Little Miss Mbambole Davina Ivory (31st August 2017).

Beijos – Kisses – Bisou

August Guest Photoshoot

One of the easiest way God visits humans is by giving them children and guess what the Sandrinos were visited by God and here is the result

We are available to capture your Newborn Babies as soon as they arrive preferably between 4 – 15days old. Babies, Toddlers, Children and Family are all within our jurisdiction at affordable rates.

Let us capture these moments for you, frame it and hang it on your wall. Contact us via Whatsapp at (237)695462733 and follow us on Instagram @ioephotography.



Welcome Baby Caleb!

Growing Up Photoshoot

It’s Playtime!!!

Is it amazing how children grow very fast. In less than no time they start creeping , holding everything that can support them and eventually they WALK!


They start gaing balance and can seat can seat on their own.This stages are once in everyone’s life and never never repeat themselves so let us capture these moments …

and these kids will thank you forever.


Sleeping Baby Photoshoot

Most Mothers  want their babies to fall asleep so that they can get things done, but once the baby does, it is like they are stuck, like glue or a magnet, they just gravitate toward him or her , watch them and smile.

Shawnnyyy! is generally a gentle soul even when he is awake. Momma Fabiola & Mummy Sophia thanks for choosing us to capture Shawn’s Moments.

We look forward to his Birthday Shoot in a few months.