What Do You Know About Your Kidneys?

This Month of March is Kidney Disease Awareness Month and in support of my girl Iya Bekondo of the Iya Foundation which is aimed at fighting the kidney disease by educating and raising awareness that will encourage early detection and subsequently delay or prevent complete renal failure.

Iya works ceaselessly to create awareness about the kidney disease because this her story and today she is alive after receiving a lifesaving kidney transplant donated by her mother.


I will not only wear green this year I will take out time to share on my blog what I have learnt from taking part in this awareness campaign over the years. Last Year a host of Ladies came together and we had a Talk on Kidney Awareness : on what to eat, on what to subtract from our diets, our symptoms.

In Support of the Iya Foundation March 2017

My Biology wasn’t good but I will like to start from the definition and function of the kidney(s): The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that extract waste from blood, balance body fluids, form urine, and aid in other important functions of the body. They reside against the back muscles in the upper abdominal cavity. They sit opposite each other on either side of the spine. The right kidney sits a little bit lower than the left to accommodate the liver. Some of their core actions include waste excretion, water level balancing, blood pressure regulation, red blood cell regulation & acid regulation.

It is said health is wealth so let us start by taking up responsibility to stay healthy and cut off from habits that damage the kidneys.

1.Not drinking enough water : We have ignorantly reduced our water intake and replaced it with all sorts of fizzy drinks which is damaging our kidneys
2.Consuming too much salt. Start by reducing the amount of salt in your diet and gradually substract it completely.
3.Not emptying your bladder early. When nature calls you to pay your waterbill please do it without delay, you will be saving yourself from so much trouble.
4.Not treating common infections quickly and properly.
5.Consuming too much protein . ‘Soya eaters ‘ yes you , try and reduce it and every othe protein you have been taking in excess, behind closed door. God is not the only person watching here , your health too is watching !
6.Painkiller Abuse. We live in a country where we can buy so many painkillers off the counter.
7.Seek medical counsel before taking painkillers.
8.Drinking too much alcohol. This one!!! The `’esolas’ (those who drink in excess) always have an excuse and they will nonchalantly say ’something must kill a man’. We all will die someday but if you keep drink in excess you are not different from the man who ties a rope around his neck … yes oh! I said so.
9.Not resting enough. God knew why he created time for resting so start getting some sleep
10.Not managing your diabetes or high blood pressure.
We learn every day and am sure it is not so hard to love and do yourself some just justice.

Start today and enjoy the change that comes with it.

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