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Charity they say begins at home so before I start crushing on others let me crush on myself.
Sarah Muenge Nkwanyuo are my names with so many other nicknames for different friends : Mbamba, Pushy, Muengsy , Ma Nshwang and lots more . A proud Sakerette and product of University of Buea, Douala has been a better school and traveling across the African Continent has been the most important education for me.
I am a Cameroonian woman happily under the influence of Matthew 6:33. (seek he first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you) closely woven with Philippians 4:13 ( I can do all things , I mean all things through Christ who strengthens me) which explains why I turn to gold everything I decide to do according to the purpose of my creation by God.

After so many years in the Tourism (Central African Tours) and Event Management (Africa & Middle East Trade Ltd) across Africa , I had the urge to find the real me which lead me back to my passion in some of the finest things of life : love for God, Makeup, Fashion and Beauty, Adventures and so on.
I am a woman and just like a computer can take so many softwares reasons why you will find me doing so many things though connected and interrelated : I modelled for KiretteCouture ( today’s Kibonen NY & Libber London ) back in the days.

Today , If and when you see me … you see EB Kreations. I model for my BabySister, Ebangha Nkwanyuo of EB Kreations exclusively with possibilities of expanding this passion … one never knows! I am equally the Face & Brand Ambassador of the EB Kreations which earned me a red feather on my “korobo head ” as her first collection is named after me , “The Muenge Beach Collection” which am planning to showcase on her birthday or mine this year.

Later in 2014 , I became the Franchise as well as a Professional Makeup Artist for Zaron Cosmetics Cameroon where we redefine the essence of every woman’s beauty with organic, quality and affordable ZARON Products. All products available at our Zaron Studio in Bali, Douala and with our Distributors around the country. Other Makeup Brands will be incorporated at the Studio in the course of the year.
I am a staunch Natural Hair Enthusiast and still working on supplying products for Natural Hair in Cameroon.

This year, 2017 alongside all other blessings I am taking up the challenge in Photography & Blogging. Today, February 1st, 2017 my blog “Isle of Ecstasy” has gone operational with the slogan “My Space, Our Space” which is an embodiment of who I really am, on Christianity, Beauty & Fashion , Health, Cameroonian Talents, Delicacies, People, Places,Activities and of course my own Space called “No Meu Sofa” which mean On My Couch where I will be sharing some of my fantasies .

Dress from Thonbs

This will be the No 1 Stop for everyone, all ages , gender looking for answers in different domains , from different perspectives.
I have other things am working on but I apply Ecclesiastes 3 , there is a time for everything so I take one step at a time .

I will be your main host on this blog… so make sure you are back here everyday and always always leave a comment .


Muito Obrigada ~ Merci Beaucoup ~ Thank You

5 Replies to “Muenge Nkwanyuo on WOW Wednesdays”

  1. Epitome of beauty, my crush lady,my role model. U perfect my faith and give me courage that I can make it no matter the matter. Love u and dump up @eb kreation #beauty&brain#

  2. This is grate Sarah.I knew you are going somewhere and the outcome are evident today.keep shining and God be with you always.

  3. Beautiful lady in beautiful outfits and beautiful makeup with beautiful first write up…OK, how many ‘beautifuls’ already? Point made hahahaa. I enjoyed reading…kudos and looking forward to more 🙂 PS: I need me some EBKreation outfits

  4. Hello Ma Nshwang keep doing what you do the Glory of the Lord for sure is upon you. Thank you for being a sister,mother,teacher. Best wishes remain blessed

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